176_IMG_0359On November 11th 2017 a group of eight TUB students and employees started making their way in a bus to Trondheim in Norway to take part in the so called “Energies from Environmental Flows-Challenge”. While traveling they stopped in Rostock, Trelleborg, Gothenburg, where they visited the Volvo Museum, and in Oslo before arriving at they’re final destination where they met the remaining students of their group. During the preceding two semesters the students were preparing their participation at the student challenge in Trondheim with the help of TU scientific staff.

The NTNU Trondheim was the host of the Wind Challenge. 167_IMG_0328Goal of the competition was to find the best rotor and generator previously built by the 18 groups participating. The TU got the 5th place in “Total efficiency at design TSR” the 3rd place in “Maximum turbine efficiency” and the 7th place in “Maximum total efficiency”. The TU students stayed in Trondheim from the 13th until the November 17th.

Traveling back they stopped in Oslo, Malmo, Copenhagen, Gedser and Rostock before arriving back in Berlin.