Our vision is to find answers to the most urgent water related questions by establishing a sustainable cooperation platform of water experts in Northern Europe.
We seek to cooperate with our partners beyond national borders, beyond disciplinary boundaries and beyond institutional limitations in order to promote joint research and joint education in the water sector.


In order to fulfil our mission we are going to realize international research projects which concentrate on strategies to cope with the effects of the climate change and the improvement of water and waste water infrastructure. The actions we conduct are:

Competence-Centre: Within the Competence-Centre we prepare and apply for international research projects funded by the EU and other donors.

Joint Conferences and Joint Participation in Fairs: These meetings will be held to intensify the academic exchange and joint competences.


The challenges of the future require well educated young researchers. In order to provide them the best education possible, the Nordic Water Network conducts the following actions:

Joint supervision of theses: Doctoral candidates as well as Master and Bachelor students have the possibility to profit from the knowledge of scientists from different universities within the NWN.

Exchange of lecturers: The students from all participating universities benefit from the additional academic input and the lecturers have the chance to develop a personal network to further cooperate in research programs.

Joint Summer Schools, Conferences and Challenges: These activities give students the possibility to increase their mobility and widen their academic network.


On many levels the Nordic Water Network aims to cross borders: national, disciplinary and institutional ones. To achieve that, we support the following areas:

International Cooperation of Universities: The network itself is based on cooperation of universities from different Northern European countries. The questions and answers to water related issues are complex which is why the NWN is giving a complex response: Multidisciplinary cooperation. Within each partner university there are several departments involved.

Cooperation with non-university research facilities: For international research projects we seek the cooperation with other research institutions for reciprocal benefiting of each other’s expertise and resources.

Cooperation with companies and associations: The cooperation with private companies offers the students a practical approach and contacts to leading businesses in the water sector. Vice versa the network offers enterprises and associations the possibility to participate in international research projects and contacts to promising young water experts.