14 Oct 2016

Water Week Throwback

From October 4th- 10th, ten TU Berlin students traveled to Trondheim to participate in the first Autumn School at the NTNU. The department of Environmental Engineering welcomed the group for a week of exciting and interesting topics about water and stormwater management, asset management and pumping systems. They had the opportunity to listen to PhD students and professors from myriad backgrounds and research fields. They spent a week of pure sunshine, participated in NTNU classes and could enjoy excursions to local pumping stations as well as a weekend trip to a local student hut in the mountains. It was a wonderful week and we are looking forward to having more classes and students to come!

“During the Water Week in Trondheim I couldn’t only depthen my academic knowledge in the water sector, but furthermore I was able to meet many amazing new peoople. It was a very intensive, exciting, beautiful and eventful week in Norway, in which very interesting and up-to-date water topics were thematized.” – Kilian

“The week at the NTNU was a great experience! We not only learned a lot about water systems and challenges due to climate change, but got to know many inspiring people. Hope to go there again!” – Katharina

“The Water Week was a unique course during my studies. We got to know Norway, we could hike in the close-by areas as well as listen to various presentations from different lecturers. I would recommend it to everybody!”- Malte