A total of 11 students from Germany took the opportunity to participate in 2019’s Autumn School ‘Water Week’ at the Norwegian University for Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim from 7th till 11th October.

The students were presented several lectures in the field of drinking water and wastewater treatment, digitalization in relation to asset management and cybersecurity and pumping systems. The Lecturers not only covered highly relevant research topics but also gave the students advises about soft skills to acquire for the future. The lecture ‘Cyberphysical security for water systems’ by Christos Markopoulos sparkled particular interest among the students. The digitalization of water systems is bound to several challenges when it comes to cybersecurity due to the water system being a very sensitive infrastructure. Current events have shown the necessity to take precautions against cyberattacks, such as in finding ways to increase the sturdiness and to decrease the vulnerability of the water systems. To complement the lectures about stormwater management, the students were offered a guided tour by Professor Sveinung Saegrov and PhD candidate Vladimir Hamouz through Risvollan.

Furthermore, the students got to experience a guided tour in the lab which is highly specialiced in the research of resource recovery in wastewater such as phosphorus. Several lectures were joint lectures with students from the NTNU, providing the chance for cultural exchange.

The whole program was surrounded by outside activities such as a guided tour through the lovely city of Trondheim by two very nice NTNU students and social gatherings in the evening.