Group Berlin

Group Berlin

From the 12th to the 15th of November 2015 a group of 8 students from TU Berlin travelled to Trondheim. The occasion: the so called “Wind Turbine Challenge” hosted by our partners from NTNU Trondheim. The task was to build a turbine and a generator which would be tested in  NTNUs wind tunnel. On the day of the challenge the atmosphere was tense; every group was waiting curiously for the results of their work. At first the turbines of the 23 teams were tested with the same generator, the team from TU Berlin took fourth place. When testing both together, turbine and generator, only place 18 out of 23 could be achieved by the guests from Berlin. The winning team was group 2 from NTNU.


Winning Team from Trondheim

More important than the victory is what was learnt, the work in teams, the exchange with other students, PhD candidates and Professors during the course, expressed Jan Bartl, the PhD candidate who supervised the challenge. This exchange was continued the next day on a joint hike around Trondheim.

The Norwegian newspaper “Teknisk Ukeblad” wrote an article about the “Wind Turbine Challenge”.