Waste water treatment, rain and storm water management, water During the lecturetransport and climate change impacts were on the agenda for this year’s spring school of the Nordic Water Network. 40 students from NTNU Trondheim and TU Berlin participated in the first edition of the interdisciplinary lecture series. The lectures were hold by each seven professors from Berlin and Trondheim. Thus, the students could get the point of view of the challenges faced in the different countries. The students appreciated the wide range of topics as the evaluation showed.

All the lectures were recapped in a joint exercise on Thursday. The programExcursion was completed by an excursion to the old water treatment plant Friedrichshagen from the 19th century.
“I came here to meet and discuss water management with a different perspective” tells one of the guests from our partner university. When asked about what he would recommend other students who take the course he answered “Sit. Enjoy.”