This year the 9th International Conference on Sewer Processes and Networks that is hostet by the Sewer Systems and Processes Working Group under the IWA specialist group on Urban Drainage (Joint IAHR/IWA) will take place at one of our partner universities at Aalborg University in Denmark. The conference is going to focus on the following topics:

  • Sewer system impacts (environmental, flooding, health, odour)
  • In-sewer processes (e.g. chemical- and biochemical processes, sediment transport, etc.)
  • Design, re-design and operational issues
  • Monitoring and associated technologies
  • Inspection techniques to obtain information on the functioning of sewer systems
  • Emerging Issues and new technologies related to sewers

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If you are interested to work on and hand in a paper about one of those topics you can register on the website shared above. The conference will take place from 27th to 30th August 2019 and the Call for Papers is open now.